Testing Setup and SiSoft Sandra

While testing Kabini and the A4-5000 was not a difficult task, find a handful of "good" comparisons turned out to be for me.  Keeping in mind the segments of the market that AMD is targeting with this particular APU, the A4-5000 doesn't have much direct competition today. 

The current Atom-based systems that are running Clovertrail processors are significantly underpowered in terms of performance and are rated at TDP levels of up to 3 watts.  That will make a great comparison for Temash when we finally get our hands on a system using that APU but with Kabini's 15 watt TDP the comparison is a bit unfair. 

The lowest Core i3 Ivy Bridge parts like the (i3-3227U) tend to sell in more expensive systems even though the maximum TDP of 17 watts is right in line with the A4-5000 we are testing today.

In the end we used a handful of comparisons to try to make SOME SENSE of where Kabini falls.  We have some results from a Core i3-3227U, some from the Atom Z2760 and some from a desktop Core i3-2105 Sandy Bridge part.  Keep in mind that the Core i3-2105 is a 65 watt TDP part, more than 4x as high as the A4-5000 – they are directly in competition!  But I thought it would help giving you some reference of what to expect in terms of CPU and GPU performance. 

Test System Setup
CPU AMD A4-5000 APU (Kabini)
Display 14-in 1920×1080
Memory 4GB DDR3-1600 (single DIMM)
Hard Drive Toshiba 1TB 5400 RPM 2.5-in
Sound Card On-board
Graphics Card AMD Radeon HD 8330 (Kabini)
Graphics Drivers Beta for Kabini
Power Supply None
Operating System Windows 8 Pro x64

SiSoft Sandra 2013 SP3a

The latest version of SiSoft Sandra offers up a lot of new features including GPU performance, OpenCL, etc. 

Performance Preview - AMD A4-5000 Kabini Reference Notebook Tested - Mobile 10

The raw processor performance of the A4-5000 stands up well against the Ivy Bridge based Core i3-3227U, back by about 25-30% in the arithmetic testing.  That is the only result we have for the ULV IVB part and the Kabini system must stand against the desktop SNB processor the rest of the way.  For example, even though the A4-5000 is running at about half the speed of the Core i3-2105 in the Multimedia test, it does so with less than a quarter of the power.

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