Conclusion, Pricing, and Final Thoughts



  • Excellent overall performance from a very thin form factor SSHD.
  • Outstanding performance when considering Cost/GB.
  • Caching works full time, without the need for any configuration or driver.


  • Cache size is smaller than we'd like to see in a 3rd generation Hybrid.

Pricing and Availability:

Here's a current snapshot of Hybrid pricing:

  • Momentus XT 500GB (1st gen):          $140 ($0.28/GB) – Link
  • Momentus XT 750GB (2nd gen):         $140 ($0.19/GB) – Link
  • Seagate Laptop Thin SSHD (500GB): $100 ($0.20/GB) – Link
  • Seagate Laptop SSHD (1TB):             $120 ($0.12/GB) – Link

You've gotta love hybrid pricing. $120 for a 1TB laptop drive that theoretically gives SSD-like performance for most real world usage is nothing short of outstanding. We'd like to see the Thin model a bit cheaper, but super slim HDD's come at a bit of a price premium. Also bear in mind the Thin model contains all of the hybrid / SSD components and performance of the larger model, minus 1 platter, meaning a mere $20 reduction in cost is not that far out of line once you think about it.


Seagate SSHD's ship with a 3-Year warranty.

Final Thoughts:

Seagate appears to be leading the way in the mobile Hybrid drive market. Each and every generation has pushed the envelope further and come closer to native SSD speeds. The catch is those speeds are only attained for data that is in the cache, and the meager 8GB of flash seems to be holding these devices back when in the hands of more demanding power users with heavier workloads. While we'd like to see a larger caches in future models, the current Seagate SSHD yields outstanding performance in a very small package, and does so at a very competitive price.

If a laptop is your primary PC and you can't afford an SSD of the necessary capacity, you no longer have an excuse to be stuck in the stone age. It's upgrade time. You'll be glad you did.


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