Results: 7-Zip and TrueCrypt


This handy compression and extraction program features a built-in benchmark which measures the performance of CPUs using single and multiple threads.  The results of performance in compression and decompression are expressed in MIPS.

The AMD parts are not as far behind here as one would expect after looking at the SiSoft results.  We again see a nice jump in performance from the 5800K to the 6800K.  Due to the extended time at turbo, the 6800K acts faster than simply a part that is 300 MHz faster than its predecessor.  The 6700 also proves to be faster overall than the 5800K even though it has a lower base clock and the aforementioned 65 watt TDP.

Of particular interest is that of utilizing 8 threads.  I am not entirely sure why, but AMD seems to do a lot better when more than four threads are used.  It could be that the base Bulldozer architecture with the thread parking fix makes it more efficient when more threads than available cores are present.



Intel and AMD have integrated AES into all of their latest processors.  TrueCrypt leverages the AES functionality to increase encryption and decryption speeds.  The internal benchmark was utilized and tests were made with both AES enabled and disabled.

AES is again quite a bit faster on the Intel part, and this is not entirely surprising.  While AES support in AMD is good, it relies upon the existing hardware built into the chip.  Understandably, all of the processors gain a tremendous amount of performance when AES is enabled.

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