The Maximus VI Extreme motherboard does the ASUS ROG product line proud with performance only equal to its sharp styling. Its stock performance remains competitive across all tests with no real issues encountered during board setup or testing.


As of June 02, the ASUS Maximus VI Extreme motherboard was available at for 399.99 with Prime shipping.


Before continuing with our final thoughts on this board, we would like to take this opportunity to give our friends at ASUS a hearty “Thank You” for giving us the pleasure of reviewing the Maximus VI Extreme motherboard. After seeing this board at an ASUS Z87 preview event earlier in the year, I could not wait to get it on the test bench. I was not disappointed to say the least. The board screams performance on initial un-boxing and keeps you busy with its plethora of add-ons. The OC Panel was one among many of the high points for me with this board. The interface is sleek and stylish, matching the looks of the Maximus VI Extreme to a tee. The board itself was designed and laid out almost perfected with a few minor questionable details. Its stock performance was also nothing short of stellar.

One of the more questionable decisions with this board were the placement of the CMOS battery. The CMOS battery is located to the mid-left of the primary PCI-Express x16 slot, making its removable challenging with a video card seated in that slot. One other noticeable missed feature is the CMOS clear jumper. While not a large miss because of the integrated CMOS reset button integrated into the rear panel, it was something that is normally included in some form on the motherboard surface.


  • Stock performance
  • Black and Red ROG-inspired color scheme
  • Board layout
  • OC Panel device
  • Included ASUS utilities, including ROG RAMDisk software
  • Board flexibility from multitude of integrated features
  • UEFI BIOS design and usability
  • Motherboard manual information


  • Lack of CMOS reset jumper
  • CMOS battery placement

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