Benchmark Testing

Synthetic Benchmark Testing

SiSoft Sandra 2012

The Sandra benchmarks are useful in determining proper working order of the board's memory and CPU subsystems. The Z87-Pro performs on par with the other Z87 systems here, indicating that its systems are functioning correctly.


LinX is a graphical interface for CPU-based testing using the Intel Linpack benchmarks. It serves as a good indicator of proper system CPU functioning and is considered one of the most intensive CPU benchmarks currently available. LinX was run with Memory set to All and for a total of 3 runs. This test was repeated three times with the highest repeatable GFlops (Giga-Floating Point Operations Per Second) score recorded.

The Z87-Pro again performs within expectation, further proving optimal CPU functionng. Proper performance in this test is crucial to prove proper functioning of the CPU to board interface.

Multimedia and System Benchmark Testing


Handbrake was used to convert an uncompressed version of the Iron Man Blu-ray movie in MKV format to a compressed 720P MP4 format. The Iron Man MKV file was ripped from the Blu-ray disc in the past with the file size for the uncompressed media coming in at 26 GB. Handbrake was run with default settings enforced with the exception of Anamorphic set to Loose and Video width set to 1280. This test was repeated three times with the lowest repeatable conversion time recorded.

Video encoding is one of the more system intensive operations with good performance in the benchmark indicative of similar board performance. The Z87-Pro easily matches performance with the other Z87-based board.

Maxon Cinebench 11.5

Maxon’s Cinebench 11.5 benchmark can be used determine a system's ability to render 3D content based on their Cinema 4D animation software. The CPU benchmark test was run three times, with the highest reproducible Cinebench points score recorded.

No surprises here with the Z87-Pro's performance, the board easily powers though this multi-threaded rendering test.

PCMark 7 Professional

Future Mark Corporation’s PCMark 7 can be used to reliably ascertain a given system’s performance in a Windows 7-based non-gaming type use environment. The professional version of the benchmark test was run three times, with the highest reproducible PCMark scores recorded.

In this business app-centric testing, the Z87-Pro continues to easily stick with the lead board overall. In some tests, the board lagged, while in others is led.


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