Memory Layout and Design


The Corsair Vengeance Pro memory modules come in a cardboard box emblazoned with the series logo as well as the size configuration of the pack. The modules themselves are protected in the box through a plastic clamshell.

The back of the box contains more details on the modules, as well as the specific part and serial numbers. Additionally, Corsair left a window to view the physical memory specs listed on the modules.

Layout and Design

The Corsair Vengeance Pro memory modules comes with a flat black colored heat sink with the Vengeance series logo on the front and the memory specifications, including voltage, timing, and speed ratings, on the back. The memory modules are DDR3 modules with 240 gold plated connection pins.

The specific Corsair Vengeance Pro memory being reviewed are the 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3-1866 modules. These module are rated for 1866MHz speed at 1.50V and 9-10-9-1T memory timings. Their part number is CMY16GX3M2A1866C9.

The upper part of the module is removable from the base with a Corsair logo shown on the clip's front side. The upper clip is made from aluminum and comes in three color configurations – red, blue, and silver. The review samples we received were of the silver variant.

Module Deconstruction

The heat sinks on the memory modules are a two piece design, held to the module itself using double-sided thermal tape. The 8GB memory modules reviewed are dual-sided with memory chips located on both sides of the module.

Each side of the 8GB memory module is designed with 8 memory chips, for a total of 16 memory chips per module.

The individual memory chips used on the Corsair Vengeance Pro modules carry the SpecTek memory manufacturer logo, which is a Micron subsidiary. According the their part markings (the PEB12 code to the upper right of the corporate logo), the chips are rated at DDR3 1333MHz speeds with 9-9-9 timings. The memory chips are designed in an FBGA (Fine pitch Ball Grid Array) type package with SpecTek part number PRN/SAA512M8V80AGDRH. Information concerning the memory chipset can be found in this memory chip component sheet on the SpecTek corporate site.

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