BIOS Features continued

The following screens detail settings on the System, BIOS Features, Peripherals, Power Management, and Save & Exits tabs. Additionally, sample screens from all tabs and additional functionality like BIOS user profiles and Q-Flash are shown from the Dashboard Mode interface.

Classic Mode screens

System tab

BIOS Features tab

Peripherals tab

Peripherals tab, SATA Configuration page

Peripherals tab, Marvell ATA Controller Configuration page

Save & Exit tab

Dashboard Mode screens

Home tab, Standard page

Home tab, YourName 1 page, Setup User Options popup

Performance tab, Frequency page

Performance tab, CPU Status page

Performance tab, Memory Status page

System tab, System page

BIOS Features tab

Peripherals tab, Device Config page

Power Management tab

Save & Exit tab

Save Profiles popup

Load Profiles popup

Q-Flash popup

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