Intel HD 5000 Graphics Performance

In the Cloud Gate test of the new 3DMark, aimed towards mid-range machines, the Core i5-4250U found in the MacBook Air falls between the mobile and the desktop variants of AMD's Trinity APUs.

If we take a look at some real world games, like Left 4 Dead 2, we see the i5-4250U outperform the flagship Sandy Bridge offering, but fall behind the 3770K, 4770K, and Trinity desktop APU.

DiRT 3 provides a similar result, with the i5-4250U surpassing the 2600K, but falling short of the more recent desktop solutions.

While we obviously weren't expecting the ULT variant of Haswell to surpass processors like the 4770K in gaming, the HD 5000 graphics have a good showing here. It is impressive that today's ULT offering can outperform the flagship desktop processor of 2 years ago, and the Trinity mobile part in 3DMark.


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