EVGA GTX 760 SC Performance, Sound, Temperature

Though you would expect the performance of the EVGA GeForce GTX 760 SC to be very close to that of the reference design, I wanted to show you a couple of quick graphs of tests I had a chance to run.

At 2560×1440, the EVGA card is just barely faster than the reference GTX 760 card but not enough to really notice.

But the Sleeping Dogs results are much more impressive!  Thanks to a little power target increase as well we see as much as 15% better performance in our high-resolution Sleeping Dogs results.

In our Fire Strike Extreme preset we find that with the overclocked settings the EVGA GTX 760 is actually reporting a score higher than the Radeon HD 7950 Boost. 

Here is one area I was let down with the new cooler option from EVGA – it was not any less noisy in my testing when compared directly to the reference cards we got from NVIDIA.

But if the cooler wasn’t quieter, it was…cooler.  The NVIDIA reference cooler hit the maximum temperature of 82C while running Unigine Heaven which is where GPU Boost 2.0 more or less maxes out.  The EVGA card however was able to maintain a 12C degree advantages while running at essentially the same sound levels (above).

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