You may have already stumbled upon the Leap Motion controller, a tiny USB 2.0 device intended to allow you to control your PC with hand motions, somewhat similar to the Kinect.  Installing the software and placing the Leap Motion in front of your computer allows you to control a variety of apps and games using only hand motions.  Unfortunately the app selections is rather limited and controlling your OS is not possible, at least not yet.  It is less than $100 and does offer the potential for some fun so check out Legit Reviews to see if you might like to give it a try.

"The Leap Motion Controller brings affordable gesture control to the PC and gives developers a tool to bring new innovations to the PC industry. In our limited time with the Leap Motion Controller we quickly found out that it is very app limited due to there being less than 60 apps available at the time of launch. Leap Motion gave thousands of these devices to app developers and hoped they would develop some killer software…"

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