Heavy – Bioshock Infinite

Test settings were 1680×1050 at Very Low Preset


Okay, one more real-world, we threw in some Bioshock Infinite at the very low preset and both AMD systems are dominate.  The Richland system (desktop APU) is able to hit about 47 FPS followed by the Trinity notebook APU at 31 FPS.  Both Intel systems are quite low, hitting 24/23 FPS with MacBook Air taking an ever so slight lead with the HD 5000 graphics. 

But let’s look at the Frame Times graphic – obviously there are some issues here.  The green line of the HD 5000 and HD 4600 results are pretty dramatic and we measuring more than 10 ms of frame time variance on those scores – the HD 5000 actually crosses 20 ms at the 95th percentile.  The AMD Richland and Trinity results are much more consistent and seem to stay below or at the 5 ms and are generally very smooth.

While this is just a single game – and shouldn’t be weighted much more heavily than the others – I would also point out that this is the newest game as well.  The fact that AMD’s Trinity A10-4600M has a much larger lead over the HD 4600 / HD 5000 that in other titles and could be indicative of driver advantages that AMD has over Intel’s team.  More on that soon!

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