Power, Sound, Temperatures, Closing Thoughts

Power consumption on the higher clocked Galaxy GTX 770 GC card is bit higher under both load and at idle, but minimally.

Interestingly, even though the Galaxy GC card uses a custom cooler that seems to be pretty effective, it does not run more quietly than the reference design.  Under a full load the Galaxy card is a couple of dBA louder than the reference GTX 770 (that uses a single fan).  It should be noted that the cooler used on the reference GTX 770 is nearly the same as the one used on the GTX 780 and the GTX TITAN and is EXTREMELY quiet compared to the industry standards.

Even while running overclocked base and Boost clock speeds, the cooler on the Galaxy GTX 770 GC is able to keep the GPU right at the 80C level and right on par with the what the reference design is capable of.


Closing Thoughts

My time spent testing the new Galaxy GeForce GTX 770 2GB GC graphics card was extremely pleasant and I would have no problems recommending this card to anyone looking for a GTX 770 for an upcoming system build or upgrade.  NVIDIA's GK104 GPU continues to be my favorite GPU on the market and the GTX 770 brings it to more gamers at a lower cost than ever before.

The overclocked speeds on the Galaxy GC model were able to get us anywhere from 5-7% extra performance in our testing at 2560×1440 which closely matches the 6% clock speed increases.  The best news is that the card is currently selling online at stores like Newegg.com and Amazon for $399 (even BestBuy.com has it for $399), the same price as the reference cards!  If you need a new GPU for the upcoming fall release schedule of PC titles, then give the Galaxy GTX 770 2GB GC a look and get a free copy of Splinter Cell Blacklist as well (limited time).

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