Power, Temperature, and Noise

We know coming into this section that the 7790s are not very power hungry, and the 650 Ti BOOST is a bit more so.  It should also be quite interesting to see how the 40 nm HD 5870 compares to these solutions, especially since it is neck and neck with the new HD 7790s.

Things shake out as expected.  The MSI board pulls the least amount of power at load due to its slower clock speeds, while the 650 Ti BOOST has the best idle performance with the monitor active.  The 650 Ti BOOST is pulling 55 watts more at the plug than the other two cards, and is only 15 watts lower than the HD 5870.  I find it somewhat interesting that the 650 Ti BOOST does not outstrip the overall performance of the HD 5870, but is that close in power consumption.

In terms of temperature all of the cards are very well behaved.  At max load we see them hit around the same temperatures, but the Asus card seems to do a little bit better even though the temperature hits 60 C, it is only doing around 30% speed on the fans.

Noise was somewhat interesting here.  The Asus board was dead quiet, even when overclocked.  I never heard much more than a whisper from that card.  The MSI card was slightly louder, but it was essentially inaudible under most circumstances.  It had the highest percent RPM at load, but the design of the fan kept it very quiet.  The loudest by far was the Galaxy card.  It was audible outside of the case at load, but it was not annoying.  I still could hear it clearly above the others though.

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