Results: 3D Mark 2011

I try to have a good balance of synthetic testing combined with real world results.  I believe this is a good balance of what is theoretically possible with these chips vs. what we see in actual games.  Let us start off with the synthetics first.


3D Mark 2011

3D Mark Vantage has now been officially retired by me, and I could not be happier.  I have now moved up 2011 as the base test to see previous gen DX11 performance.  I have used the performance presets for this test.

Well then, all of the new cards just walk all over the old HD 5870 in this particular number.  Being that this is a DX11 test, it is not necessarily optimal for the VLIW5 architecture that the older card is based on.  The 7790s and the 650 Ti BOOST are neck and neck as well.  The slightly higher core clock and faster memory of the Asus card give it an edge over the others.

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