Results: Skyrim

The latest installment of the Elder Scrolls series is still DX9 based, but the art assets and overall look of the game is still fairly cutting edge.  I make a manual run-through of Whiterun captured with FRAPS.  Quality settings are put to Ultra with 4X AA and 16X AF.  FXAA is disabled and the HD texture pack is installed.

Finally we get to a real game!  Since it is DX9 we would expect the older 5870 to do fairly well here, and we are not disappointed.  It performs well at 1920 and beats out the 7790s.  At 2560 it has a harder time, just barely edging out the 7790s.  The 650 Ti BOOST again takes a significant lead over the other offerings.  It seems that Skyrim does in fact really like the extra 1 GB of memory that this card packs.  What is perhaps most interesting is that the higher clocks of the Asus DCII unit give it a distinct edge over the MSI HD 7790.

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