At Defcon this year there will be some rather disturbing hacks presented dealing with the popular Prius hybrid car along with some less dangerous examples.  While convincing your car it is going 199 mph when it is standing still is somewhat amusing, the ability to disable the brakes while the car is in motion is a much more serious vulnerability.  The presenters will also show how the assisted parking feature can be used to turn the wheel while a car is at highway speeds which could well cause serious accidents.  This is not quite the Hollywood-style complete remote control of a car you should check out the story at Hack a Day to get an idea of what is now possible on at least one model of vehicle.

"This one’s a treasure trove of CAN bus hacks that will scare the crap out of an unsuspecting driver — or worse. [Charlie Miller] and [Chris Valasek] are getting ready to present their findings, which were underwritten by DARPA, at this year’s Defcon. They gave a Forbes reporter a turn in the driver’s seat in order to show off."

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