Conclusion, Pricing, and Final Thoughts



  • Outstanding performance
  • Highly competitive cost/GB (see below)


  • TurboWrite cache may get overloaded in some corner-case heavy-demand scenarios

Pricing and Availability:

Here is the slide straight from Samsung's press briefing:

All I can say here is that I *really* hope these prices stick.

Warranty (source):

  • Samsung 830:          3 years
  • Samsung 840:          3 years
  • Samsung 840 PRO: 5 years
  • Samsung 840 EVO: 3 years


Samsung has a good track record with firmware. They have never had any issues with firmware bricking drives, and fixes have only been pushed out for corner case compatibility issues. The 840 EVO did require a firmware to correct a SMART reporting bug, but it was clear that our samples were pre-release and that these were issues being corrected prior to the official launch of the drive.

Final Thoughts:

The Samsung 840 EVO brings many refinements and even some new tech to the consumer SSD scene. Using some of the spare TLC area as an SLC write cache is a brilliant idea that was executed beautifully by Samsung. This new TurboCache enabled the EVO to achieve long-burst write speeds exceeding that of other TLC drives (and even some MLC ones). While the cache space is limited, it is sufficient in size to cover most if not all consumer workload scenarios, meaning folks are going to see exceedingly fast writes for most of the time. The above addition, in combination with smaller and cheaper flash memory, makes for an extremely competitive offering. If the pricing sticks, I sincerely hope Samsung can keep these drives on the shelves.

As a high performance consumer drive at an extremely competitive price, the Samsung 840 EVO is a no-brainer for an Editor's Choice Award!

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