You need some extra space? We got that.

Corsair sent over the enormous Corsair Obsidian 900D case and we have a quick video preview for you!

Corsair likes to make cases, I think we know that much for sure by now.  I mean, they have designed something on the order of 13 different chassis, not including color variations.  The very first case Corsair shipped was the Obsidian 800D and at the time it was massive, just down right big. 

Today though we are doing a preview of an even bigger case: the Obsidian 900D.  Seriously, the Obsidian 350D can nearly fit inside the primary bay of this case…

Measuring 27 inches tall, 25 inches deep and more than 10 inches wide, the 900D will dominate just about any landscape you put it on, including a desk as you can tell in the video above.

It's height and depth give the 900D space for more processing and cooling components than you will likely ever really need to use, unless you're one of those few crazies out there.  I mean, just looking in the window below you'll see we have a standard ATX motherboard installed and it is just dwarfed.

Removing the door reveals the vast amount of space available below and in front of the primary compartment.  The Corsair 900D can hold up to 15 fans, 5 radiators and 15 HDDs/SSDs with the optional drive cages. 

While it ships with support for just 9 hard drives, the bottom compartment can also hold radiators as big as 480 mm in addition to dual power supplies!

The optical bays are nothing unique but you can see the traditional Corsair cable routing grommets are well represented throughout the 900D.

There is a to love about this case, though the price is steep; currently selling for $359 on Newegg and $319 on Amazon.  We are going to have another article with a more in-depth look at building a system in the 900D in the future so stay tuned for that.  But if you are an enthusiast that has a need for a HUGE amount of space in an upcoming build then the Corsair 900D is the right case for you.