Results: Luxmark

I was quite curious about the OpenCL performance of these latest cards.  AMD has really been pushing OpenCL as of late, especially in advance of the release of the Kaveri APUs.  They have a pretty solid OpenCL 1.2 implementation for their GCN based chips.  NVIDIA of course has been blowing the GPGPU horn as loudly as possible over the years and focused on CUDA.  Oddly enough, Kepler made compute performance take a back seat to enable better performance and efficiency in graphics applications.  I used the 64 bit version of Luxmark 2.0 with the Sala test.

If there was one weakness for the NVIDIA GTX 700 series (Kepler), it is GPGPU type applications.  Luxmark is OpenCL based and not a native CUDA application.  The 8 thread Intel i7 3770K easily outperforms the lower end NVIDIA models, while the R7970 blows everything out of the water in this particular benchmark.  NVIDIA really pushed gaming performance with this architecture, and GPGPU type applications took a backseat.

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