Features and Packaging


Courtesy of Cooler Master

  • Direct front to back airflow over CPU and main board for extreme cooling performance.
  • Supports 240mm radiators with extra clearance for thick performance radiators or push-pull fan configurations.
  • Supports Tower CPU coolers with a height of up to 180mm and up to 334mm long high end graphics cards.
  • Motherboard Tray can be removed to install, remove or swap components.
  • The first Case that quickly and easily transforms into a Testbench – Ideal for Enthusiasts and Overclockers.
  • Dual USB 3.0 SuperSpeed ports and X-Dock slots at the front panel for lightning fast plug-n-play I/O.
  • Rigid carry handles on the side panels.

Packaging and Included Items

The HAF XB ships in a medium-sized square black box adorned with a picture of the case and the case logo on the box's front side. Cooler Master immediately points out the versatility of this case on the front panel, identifying it as a LAN box and a Testbench. To protect the case, Cooler Master encases the case in a vacuum-molded Styrofoam insert covered with a plastic bag to further protect the powder coated finish.

In addition to the detailed user manual included, Cooler Master provides all the screws and components needed to take full advantage of the HAF-XB. The following components are included with the case: a variety of mounting and fan screws, an internal speaker plug-in, tie cables for cable management, motherboard stand-offs, and a tool for easy install or removal of the motherboard stand-offs. Cooler Master took the extra time to ensure that all screws were coated to match the case coloration, details that are not lost on the enthusiast consumers. The motherboard stand-off tool has can be used in conjunction with a Phillips head screw driver to easy insert or remove the motherboard stand-offs from the case.

The screws packaged in with the case include the following:

  • 8 x round head M3*5 screws -> used for ODD (optical disk drive) and 2.5" HDD mounting
  • 20 x hex head M3*5 screws -> used for motherboard and 2.5" HDD mounting
  • 4 x #6-32*6 screws -> used for power supply mounting
  • 4 x #6-32*9 screws -> used for 3.5" HDD mounting
  • 4 x flat head #5*10 screws -> used for top panel fan mounting
  • 10 x brass stand-offs -> used for motherboard mounting
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