Case Deconstructed – Outer Shell

The HAF XB's front panel is held to the case front via plastic tabs along the top, right, and left sides of the front bezel. The upper portion is metal mesh reinforced with a honey combed protector for the fans, allowing for unrestricted air flow into the case. The 5.25" bay covers lock into the front bezel using locking tabs and also feature the metal mesh front with reinforcing honey combed plastic structure for minimal air flow restriction.

The front case fans (dual 120mm fans) mount directly to the front of the case and sit outside the physical case in between the case front wall and the plastic bezel. The front bezel is bowed out to compensate for this fan arrangement. Notice that you can also easily mount dual 140mm fans in place of the included 120mm fans, if desired. The front panel PCB houses power and reset buttons, power and hard drive active LEDs, audio ports, and USB 3.0 ports with the delicate connections and driving logic chips housed and protected on the backside of the PCB. The hot swap bays lock directly into the case front instead of interacting with the front bezel. This makes removing the front bezel much easier and less complex.

The case side panels are one piece steel panels with integrated and reinforced carrying handles. Notice how the integrated handle in the side panel is concave in design, keeping the its footprint to a minimum on the outside of the case. While the panels do not include integrated windows, they do have honey combed air flow areas along the upper portion, promoting greater exhaust or intake for the upper motherboard section of the case.

The inside of the top panel better illustrates the design of the upper panel and is metal mesh cover. The mesh cover supports installation of a 200mm fan with pre-installed rubber grommets to minimize vibration and fan noise. The metal mesh cover itself is held in place to two piece plastic rivets that locks the mesh assembly in place. This also makes for easy modding and replacement of this mesh cover should you desire a window instead. Note that Cooler Master does offer an aftermarket top panel with an integrated window for sale from their site store.

Removing the 2.5" drive cage from the bottom of the case opens up a huge amount of room behind the 5.25" device bays which can be put to a variety of uses by the more creative modders and water cooling enthusiasts.

The PSU filter located on the case bottom is held in place by metal rails and is easily slid in or out using the integrated plastic pull tab.

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