Overclocking Results

BIOS Overclocking

The BIOS Performance page offers many avenues for overclocking, including two options for BIOS-managed overclocking. Both the Performance Upgrade and CPU Upgrade settings allow for a BIOS-configured CPU overclock up to 4.7GHz in .1GHz steps. However, it was found in testing that the BIOS set the CPU Vcore voltage much too high to utilize those settings. With the Performance Upgrade option set to 100% (resulting in a 4.7GHz CPU speed), the resulting Vcore voltage setting was 1.4V. In testing, the CPU was found to need no more than 1.20-1.25V for a stable overclock at 4.6GHz. Until GIGABYTE can get the voltage levels under better control, you are much better off manually configuring settings for overclocking your precious Haswell CPU.

Manual Overclocking

Using manual settings in the GIGABYTE UEFI BIOS via the Performance page, I was able to get the board running stable at a 175MHz base close setting with a 4.54GHz CPU speed and an 1866MHz memory speed. System stability was tested over a 10 hour period running the AIDA64 stability test in conjunction with FurMark running at 1280×1024 resolution and 2x MSAA in stress test mode.

Performance tab, Frequency page

  • CPU Base Clock – 175.00MHz
  • Host/PCIe Clock Frequency – 104.99MHz
  • Processor Base Clock(Gear Ratio) – 1.66x
  • CPU Clock Ratio – 26
  • System Memory Multiplier – 10.66

Performance tab, Frequency page, Advanced CPU Core Settings page

  • CPU PLL Selection – SBPLL
  • Filter PLL Level – High
  • Uncore Ratio – 23
  • Intel(R) Turbo Boost Technology – Disabled

Performance tab, Voltage page, Advanced Power Settings page

  • CPU VRIN Loadline Calibration – Extreme
  • PWM Phase Control – eXm Perf

Performance tab, Voltage page, CPU Core Voltage Control page

  • CPU VRIN External Override – 1.900V
  • CPU Vcore – 1.225V
  • CPU RING Voltage – 1.100V
  • CPU System Agent Voltage – +0.100V
  • CPU I/O Analog Voltage – +0.100V
  • CPU I/O Digital Voltage – +0.100V

Performance tab, Voltage page, Chipset Voltage Control page

  • PCH Core – 1.175V
  • PCH IO – 1.750V

Performance tab, Voltage page, DRAM Voltage Control page

  • DRAM Voltage (CH A/B) – 1.550V

Performance tab, Memory page, Memory Timing settings

  • CAS Latency – 10
  • tRCD – 10
  • tRP – 10
  • tRAS – 30
  • Command Rate – 1
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