Grand Theft Auto 5 may or may not be released for the PC. If the game will become available on Windows, however, you might be interested in its multiplayer mode: Grand Theft Auto Online. While not active at launch, all retail copies of Grand Theft Auto V will have free access to the MMO (you heard me) on October 1st.

Check out the video and then read on.

First and foremost, the end bumper announces the available platforms with an odd little gap to the bottom left. It would seem there is a third platform with a fairly thin logo intended to be placed left of the PS3. While a WiiU logo could fit there, and I would certainly flip a table if it will, I would expect an imminent PC announcement. Sure, Nintendo has a good relationship with Rockstar and it would make sense for them to have every WiiU egg in Rockstar's basket (because they are clearly in no-one else's basket) but I still expect the missing platform is the PC. Now, I digress.

Grand Theft Auto Online will be persistent with an apparent focus around the player accumulating cash. Players can purchase cars, customizations, apartments, and so forth. They will be allowed to group together for a bank or liquor store robbery, complete missions from NPCs, compete in typical multiplayer modes such as racing or deathmatch, skydive, or just roll around the city.

This, while exciting, is not entirely new to PC gamers. Garry's Mod has a similar sub-modification called "Perp" and, if I am not mistaken, was even touched on by Multi Theft Auto.

A final note: the official press statement claims, "free with every retail copy of Grand Theft Auto V". Obviously this wording leaves a little room for investigation. I do not expect an extra charge for digital download customers since those should actually be more profitable for Rockstar. More likely, I expect GTA Online to require a fee for second-hand customers. I am a firm proponent of used game sales but I will be silent on this topic… for now.

Grand Theft Auto Online opens for all  October 1st.