3DMark, Power Consumption, Sound and Temperatures

3DMark shows a performance win for the GTX 780 Lightning from MSI once again over both the reference GTX 780 and the reference GTX TITAN!

This added performance does come at a slight cost of extra power consumption – the MSI GTX 780 Lightning is using more power than even the GTX TITAN reference card by 18 watts – nothing huge but definitely worth noting.

Even though the card is definitely faster than the reference GTX 780 cards, the new TriFrozr cooler is much more effective than the stock design and runs at 6 degrees lower load temperature at default speeds.

Finally, we put the new cooler to the test and even though the MSI GTX 780 Lightning is using three fans rather than the previous two (or the one of the reference designs) it is just as quiet as the stock cards under a full load!

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