Resistive RAM has been one of the technologies that we have heard of which could become the next standard in non-volatile RAM.  The technology promises high density storage, RAM level read and write speeds and a long storage life but while there has been a lot of research into this type of memory we haven't seen any commercially viable products being announced.  A company called Crossbar could change that with their new implementation which claims that it is ready to go into production with an impressive display of technological advancement.  They tout 20 times the write speed of NAND with 20 times less the power consumption as it is non-volatile and does not require electricity to hold data.  With an estimated 20 year life for any data stored on the media this could be a great long term storage solution; not just high availability data that needs the high write speeds.  Thanks to the use of 3D storage they can fit 1TB of data on a single 200mm2 chip.  Read more at The Inquirer.

Not this kind of Crossbar

"CALIFORNIA CHIP STARTUP Crossbar has unveiled what it claims is the first commercially viable Resistive RAM (RRAM) memory chip, a new generation of non-volatile memory capable of storing up to 1TB of data on a single 200mm2 chip."

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