The Tech Report posted thoughts today about the way they would change the desktop computer, if they had their chance.  Instead of a large box full of air they would like to see the standard motherboard size reduced to mATX with a single power connector running from the PSU to the the board with any required power connectors being present on the board, not just the system fan connectors.  They would also like to see the final death of optical drives and the 5.25" bay, something that many have asked for over the past few years.  One thing they propose that anyone would agree with is standardized case header plugs, trying to attach the system speaker without accidentally unplugging an LED or the reset button is not fun.   Check out all their suggestions and see if you agree with their new proposed standards.

"Many of our desktop PCs are filled with empty space, including unoccupied expansion slots and drive bays. With a few form factor adjustments and a handful of simple design tweaks, we could make the average enthusiast desktop more compact, easier to build, and more straightforward to use."

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