XSPC designed a stellar product in the Razor GTX680 water block. Not only did the block drop card temperatures by over 50C under load, but allows the test bench EVGA GTX 670 FTW card to realize a performance gain of over 10% in games. And this performance gain only increased card temperatures by a mere 5C under load.


As of August 14, the XSPC Razor GTX680 water block was available at for $99.99. The board was also available from other retailers such as Sidewinder Computers for $119.99.


Before continuing with our final thoughts on this water block, we would like to take this opportunity to give our friends at XSPC a hearty “Thank You” for giving us the opportunity and pleasure of reviewing the Razor GTX680 water block. XSPC combined the design of their initial GTX680 block and melded it with their full cover card design, resulting in a phenomenal product. The Razor GTX680 card is easy to install and use with its versatile multi-port connector allowing for unprecedented flexibility when hooking into a system's water loop. Its sleek looks, a black and copper combination, are heightened with the added LEDs giving the block and video card a pleasing edge-lit effect. Its performance numbers speak for themselves with load temps over 30C less than measured temps when using the stock air-based cooler.


  • Full front card coverage
  • Multi-port connector -> a full seven inlet/outlet ports
  • Edge-lit LED lighting effects
  • Heat dissipation capabilities
  • Quality workmanship and design


  • Lack of packaged back plate

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