A Detailed Look

The Pure Power L8 700W power supply features a scratch-resistant black matte finish and measures 150mm (6”) deep. The unit incorporates a single 120mm fan for cooling and all the cables are fixed.

The backside panel features an open grill and includes a power receptacle and master On-Off switch.  The honey comb grill allows air to exhaust out of the power supply for cooling the internal components with minimal turbulence and noise.

The Pure Power L8 700W uses a Be Quiet! 120mm SilentWings fan (BQT T12025-MS-20) that features Rifled bearings. The 7 sculptured blades are designed to optimize airflow and reduce noise generating fan turbulence.  The SilentWings fan is rated for 0.20A at 12 VDC and 2,000 rpm.

All of the fixed cables are covered with black, braided plastic mesh sleeving.

Cables & Connectors Specifications:

(Courtesy of Be Quiet!)

Under the Hood

Be Quiet! appears to be using the HEC Group as the OEM for the Pure Power L8 700W  power supply (instead of Seasonic who is the OEM for the Dark Power Pro 10 we reviewed earlier this year). The Pure Power L8 series uses the more traditional Double-Forward switching topology.    

The main capacitor (Teapo) on the primary is rated at 470uF, 400V, and 85°C.  The secondary also features Teapo electrolytic caps for filtering.

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