Final Thoughts and Conclusions

The RM Series adds a new tier to Corsair’s already formidable PC power supply offering. Our RM550 test unit produced very good DC load regulation with very good efficiency (easily met 80Plus Gold certification criteria) across a full range of loads. And the unit was able to keep AC ripple and noise well under control, even at full load. The RM550 comes with a basic compliment of all-modular, flat ribbon-style cables.  The main 24-pin ATX, 4+4-pin ATX/EPS, and PCI-E connector cables are nice and long (25”-26”). And if you are interested in setting up Corsair’s Corsair Link monitoring and control software on your PC, the RM Series PSU is ready with fan speed and +12V rail current monitoring (optional Corsair Link hardware required).

The MSRP for the RM Series 550W power supply is $109.99 USD and will start to be available in September, with full inventory expected by October 2013. It will be interesting to see where the pricing settles out once these units enter the market.

• Very good voltage regulation
• Very good efficiency across a broad range of loads (80Plus Gold certified)
• Silent operation up to mid power levels (40~50% load)
• Corsair Link ready!
• +12V output can deliver up to 45.8A (550W)
• Two PCI-E connectors (6/8-pin)
• Active PFC with universal AC input
• Fully modular, ribbon style cables
• 5-Year warranty with lifetime support

• Fan noise becomes very noticeable at full load

Corsair RM Series 550W Power Supply

Our thanks to Corsair for sending us the RM550 to review!

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