For those familiar with X:Com, the idea of letting an alien live long enough for you to run up and punch it seems suicidal as you will be shot or mind controlled long before you reach your target.  However once you watch the giant mechanoid which is basically a human brain implanted in a small mech punch a Sectoid over the edge of a bridge you start to see where this game is going.  The psychic backlash power was wonderful to watch and the less extreme gene mods which allow you to leap tall buildings a single bound are also impressive, though perhaps redundant for those who managed to research their powered armour fully.  Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN will be following this game closely.

"More importantly, both mechs and gene-modded soldiers are extremely useful in the right situations. Mechs are natural tanks given that a) they have tremendous armor and b) are literally walking tanks. Gene mods, meanwhile, offer all sorts of handy abilities via new progression trees, including but not limited to defense against mind control and leaps that have the grotesque, terrifying dark future side effect of making trampolines not as fun anymore."

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