CineBench, TrueCrypt and SunSpider

CineBench 11.5

CineBench is a great test to measure pure CPU performance in both a single threaded and multi-threaded environment.  With a single thread the power of the Atom Z3770 flexes some muscle by besting the Clover Trail system by about 4x, the Temash system by 2x and just edging past the 15 watt Kabini system.  Under a multi-threaded test, the results are very similar though the gap between Bay Trail and Ivy Bridge ULV shrinks as well. 



The inclusion of AES acceleration in Bay Trail makes a huge difference in our encryption tests with an 886 MB/s result, not far behind the 1.2 GB/s of Ivy Bridge.


SunSpider JavaScript 0.9.1

Finally, a browser performance benchmark was run on Internet Explorer on our systems where the lower results are better.  Clearly Bay Trail is a giant leap forward for performance and experience compared to Temash and Clover Trail with a time less than half of those platforms. 

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