HDTune Pro 5

HDTune tests a similar level of features that HDTach does, but with a slightly different access pattern and thus can provide us with an additional set of benchmark numbers to compare between storage configurations. Here we can get the minimum, maximum and average transfer rates as well as the burst rates and access times. CPU utilization has proven negligible with modern processing horsepower, and is no longer included.

Bursts look great, mostly due to these models retaining the newer drive controller and a speedy RAM cache.

Sequentials look good, especially from the 2.5" model.

While the 3TB Red was noted to have excessively slow seeks, WD appears to have dialed back the conservatism a bit on the new 4TB model. They also did so while keeping it just about as quiet as the 3TB, in that I could barely tell seeks were occuring in a very quiet room. In fact, it sounds more like a Caviar Green, not that a Green is a particularly loud drive.

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