Once again EA has decided to include a single player campaign for the new Battlefield and it will hopefully be better than previous attempts that tended to be as gripping as 3 year old scotch tape.  You can catch the trailer below if you are feeling the need to see cutscenes full of screaming and explosions and if you are interested in commentary you can pick some up at Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN.  As most of the people who played the campaign of BF3 they are only familiar with the first few minutes that it takes to run a benchmark the quality of story in the single player campaign matter very little; most are more hopeful the bugs which plagued Bad Company and BF3's multiplayer will be nonexistent in the newest incarnation.

"So now I want to know: who plays the single-player bits of Battlefield games, and were you/are you excited about the fourth game’s offline shootery? Actually, you should probably wait until watching the trailer before answering that, because it looks a bit crap."

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