I always wondered what would happen if SCP was a videogame.

In all seriousness, Frictional Games was probably looking around the SCP archives for inspiration. The next project from the company which brought us Amnesia and Penumbra has a redacted engineering document and a bit of Kanji in its user interface elements.

For the record, I tried looking up the symbols and I was not successful. I cannot even tell whether this is Japanese or Chinese Kanji.

Regardless, the website suggests many more reveals are on the way. The first teaser, Vivarium, shows a woman using a creepy computer while talking to someone through an earpiece. Thankfully, it is not a jump scare video (or really scary at all) but it does have a bit of NSFW language.

Still no information on when the game (which may or may not be named, "SOMA") will be released. Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs, developed by The Chinese Room, was just released less than a month ago.