Seasonic (Sea Sonic Electronics) has announced a design win that will see its power supplies used in HashFast’s bitcoin mining rigs. The upcoming HashFast mining rigs feature the company’s “Golden Nonce” ASIC(s) and all-in-one water coolers. HashFast has a single ASIC Baby Jet and multi-ASIC Sierra rig. Both units will be available December 15 starting at $2,250 and $6,300 respectively.

The Seasonic power supplies are high efficiency models with Japanese capacitors and at least 80 PLUS Bronze. On the high end, Seasonic has PSUs that are up to 93% efficient. HashFast stated that it chose Seasonic for its mining rigs because of the build quality and efficiency. The Baby Jet and Sierra mining rigs allow users to overclock the ASICs, and the systems can be rather demanding on PSUs.

The Golden Nonce ASIC is a 28nm chip that is rated at 400 GHash/s and 0.65 Watts per Gigahash.

Beyond that, the companies have not gone into specifics. It is good news for Seasonic, and should mean a stable system for bitcoin miners (the 93% efficiency rating is nice as well, as it means less wasted electricity and slightly more bitcoin mining profit).

The full press blast is below for reference.

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Sea Sonic and HashFast Sign Deal To Power Next Generation
of Bitcoin Mining Equipment
SAN  FRANCISCO   —   Sea  Sonic  Electronics  Co.  Ltd  (‘Sea  Sonic’)  and
HashFast  Technologies  LLC  (‘HashFast’)  announced  today  that  they  have
signed  an  agreement  for  Sea  Sonic  to  produce  power  supplies  for  HashFast’s
Bitcoin mining systems.
The  Baby  Jet  and  Sierra  mining  units  will  be  built  using  Sea  Sonic  power
supplies, which are widely known for their industry-leading efficiency, quality and
reliability. The highly stable output voltage from Sea  Sonic supplies ensures the
miners  will  consistently  reach  their  maximum  hashing  performance.  The  very
high  efficiency  of  these  supplies  lowers  the  electrical  costs  involved  in  mining,
and reduces the waste heat produced.
Tests  of  the  Sea  Sonic  power  supply  show  an  incredibly  stable  output  and
longevity,  even  when  machines  are  overclocked,  enabling  miners  to  generate
more Bitcoin for their money.
“We  believe  mining  rigs  should  come  complete  with  the  best  power  supplies
available” said HashFast CEO Eduardo de Castro. “The quality and reliability of
the  power  supply  has  a  critical  effect  on  the  performance  of  Bitcoin  mining
equipment.   It’s well known that Sea  Sonic is a clear leader in the power supply
industry, and their products are widely known for their build quality, efficiency and
reliability. Their reputation for quality extends over nearly four decades.”
Sea  Sonic President Vincent Chang agreed with the emphasis on quality, noting
that  “Quality  is  something  that  is  of  paramount  importance  to  us  at  Sea
Sonic.   We have been in the  industry for over 38 years and pride ourselves as
being a leader in manufacturing highly stable, reliable and energy efficient power
He further added that “It is an honor to support HashFast producing the highest
quality and most efficient  Bitcoin mining equipment possible. We look forward to
a  future  in  which  our  companies  work  together  to  provide  the  best  possible
products and services in the industry."
“It  is  a  great  honor  to  be  working  with  Sea  Sonic,”  said  de  Castro.  “We  look
forward to a long and fruitful relationship.”