Features and Kit Hardware


Courtesy of XSPC

  • RayStorm CPU Waterblock
  • X2O 750 Bayres/Pump (Black) V4
  • EX240 Dual Radiator
  • G1/4" to 1/2" Barb (Black Chrome) x6
  • Plastic Hose Clip x 6
  • XSPC 1650rpm 120mm Fan x2
  • 120mm Fan Grill (Black) x2
  • Intel and AMD RayStorm Brackets
  • Socket 1366 and 1150/1155/1156 Backplates
  • Socket AM2 and AM3 mounting kit
  • 80mm to 120mm Radiator brackets
  • 3mm Twin Blue LED with 4Pin Molex
  • 5mm Blue LED with 4Pin Molex
  • 2 Meters of Clear 7/16" Hose
  • 24pin ATX Bridge Tool
  • K2 Thermal Paste

Included Hardware

Raystorm CPU Waterblock

The XSPC Raystorm CPU water block is a multi-layered block consisting of an aluminum and acrylic mounting bracket and the acrylic and copper block assembly. The Intel top plate shown has a black-colored brushed aluminum faceplate, giving the block a sleek appearance as well as protecting the acrylic layer from scratches and damage from the mounting components. The aluminum layer further aids in dispersing light from LEDs the can be placed in 4 sides the acrylic layer for an edge-lit effect. The acrylic bracket accepts 3mm LEDs for lighting. The inlet and outlet ports are embedded in the block's acrylic cover. Note that the inlet port is the port on the right side of the block marked with the word "in".

The Raystorm's bottom is a cleanly machined copper plate, polished to a fine finish. There was no evidence of machining marks in the surface of the review sample, making for a better mating surface with the CPU. The copper block is secured to the acrylic top via the four steel hex crews in the corners of the base plate. The screws fit perfectly into embedded surface indentions so they do not hamper the block to CPU surface mating.

The kit also comes with an AMD mounting bracket, similar in design to the Intel bracket, consisting of an acrylic body with an black brushed-aluminum faceplate. The AMD bracket also has four 3mm LED holes on the sides of the bracket.

X2O 750 Bayres/Pump V4 Reservoir

The included X2O 750 Bayres/Pump V4 reservoir is a Nylon-based unit with the ability to mount inside your case in two of its 5.25" drive bays. The front of the unit is protected by a black brushed-aluminum faceplate emblazoned with the XSPC logo. The faceplate is held in place with four hex screws in each corner of the front panel. The front panel also contains a window so that you can easily monitor system coolant levels. The coolant is illuminated via the LED mounted to the back of the unit for easy level determination and to add some additional style points to your build.

The back of the reservoir contains multiple inlet ports, an outlet port, an LED mount, and a pass-though power cord for the unit's X2O 750 pump. The pump power cord ends in a MOLEX connector that can be connected to a 4-pin MOLEX power cable from the system PSU. The primary inlet port is labeled "in" while the secondary port is located just under the LED mount with a black chrome plug installed by default. The outlet port is a direct feed from the pump outlet and is labeled "out". The LED mount accepts a single 5mm LED.

The unit's top is held in place by 11 flat head hex screws, making for a water-tight assembly. The top panel also contains an water-tight acrylic plug for easy filling and coolant top-off. The plug is also flush to the top panel's surface.

Both sides of the reservoir contain four brass screw holes for fixing the unit in-place in the case's 5.25" drive bay. The screw assemblies are imbedded in a raised portion of the side panel so that the inner tub of the reservoir remains flat, minimizing turbulence effects and coolant bubbling.

EX240 Dual Radiator

The EX240 Dual Radiator is a 240mm unit with dual G1/4" inlet and outlet ports and capable of hosting up to four 120mm fans, two per side. The radiator is a copper unit with a brass plenum to minimize any galvanic corrosion factors coming in to play. The unit is encased in an aluminum shell with imbedded fan mounting holes and stamped with the XSPC logo in its side. The fan mounting plate floats over the top and bottom of the radiator fins and channels to prevent accidental channel puncturing from the fan screws. The EX240 radiator boasts an impressive 18 fps (fins per inch) count, giving it good cooling potential. However, a high fps count requires stronger fans with more static pressure to push adequate air volume through the unit for cooling the coolant. The radiator has a flat-black powder-coated finish, giving it some amount of ruggedness and scratch resistance.

EX240 Radiator Schematic
Courtesy of XSPC

The radiator is a bit wider than a 25mm fan, coming in at just over 35mm thick. Including the inlet/outlet chamber and bottom water chamber, the unit is 275mm long and 121mm wide.

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