Drop the politics for a minute and sit back and read about the technical side of the failures at healthcare.gov.  It's not about what the site is or what it represents, it is a look at how a poorly designed and implemented site plan can cause huge problems.  If you are involved in this type of work it will give you a chance to feel smug about your own successes and if you are thinking about getting into this line of work you can get an idea of the possible problems you will face trying to set up and maintain a major website.  Blaming Canada and CGI Federal can be fun but perhaps not the complete story though you can be sure some of the Slashdot comments will.

"The War Room notes catalog IT problems — dashboards weren't showing data, servers didn't have the right production data, third party systems weren't connecting to verify data, a key contractor had trouble logging on, and there wasn't enough server capacity to handle the traffic, or enough people on the help desks to answer calls. To top it off, some personnel needed for the effort were furloughed because of the shutdown. Volunteers were needed to work weekends, but there were bureaucratic complications."

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