Run to Run Comparisons

What happens if we look at this same data presented per "Run" rather than per fan speed setting?

Interestingly, having your maximum fan speed settings at 20% or 60% makes very little difference in the first couple of minutes of game play.  All five fan settings are averaging 29 FPS in Crysis 3 at 2560×1440.

But things are not equal after 5-7 minutes of actual game play.  Performance does scale as we increase the maximum fan speed from 20% to 60% but there appears to be some upper and lower limits to this configurability.  Both the 20% and 30% results are showing average frame rates of 24 FPS, the 40% result averages 26 FPS, and the 50% (and 60%) results average 28 FPS.  That is a 16% range in performance by simply moving up the fan speed bar in the AMD Catalyst Control Center.

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