Performance Testing and Battery Life

The benchmarks and performance results should be predictable for us since the SoC on the Tegra Note 7 is basically the same as the SHIELD – the only difference is a 100 MHz clock speed advantage for the SHIELD.  Let’s look a few quick tests.

**Update: After speaking with NVIDIA they seem to believe that our SHIELD result for 3DMark Unlimited is lower than it should be. I ran these tests 3 times to verify results but once I return back to the office I'll be checking the SHIELD for discrepancies. 

Basemark X and Sunspider JS are showing exactly what I expected to see – very slight performance advantages to the SHIELD over the new Note 7 platform.  However, the 3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited result, which is supposed to take resolution and Vsync out of the equation, shows a sizeable advantage for the Tegra Note 7 for some reason.  This could be OS related, but we’ve put in a request to NVIDIA for clarification. 

BrowserMark also gives the nod to the Tegra Note 7 but by a much smaller delta.

Please excuse our battery life testing as we were only able to run it on the Nexus 7 and Note 7 as we recently changed things around on our setup for the test.  The results should be much more accurate though we didn’t have a chance to run it on more devices yet. 

The Tegra Note 7 definitely is at a disadvantage here pulling in nearly 8 hours of wireless browsing battery life, while the Nexus 7 was able to extend over 11 hours.

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