Introduction, Specifications and Packaging

Today we review the 120 and 240GB versions of OCZ’s newest SSD


It has been a while since OCZ introduced their Vector SSD, and it was in need of a refresh to bring its pricing more in-line with the competition, which had been equipping their products with physically smaller flash dies (therefore reducing cost). Today, OCZ launched a refresh to their Vector – now dubbed the Vector 150:

The OCZ strategy changed up a while back. They removed a lot of redundancy and confusing product lines, consolidating everything into a few simple solutions. Here's a snapsot of that strategy, showing the prior and newer iterations of three simple solutions:

The Vector 150 we look at today falls right into the middle here. I just love the 'ENTHUSIST' icon they went with:

Read on for our full review of the new OCZ Vector 150!


These specs are right in line with the previous generation Vector.


Standard OCZ packaging with included 3.5" desktop mounting bracket and a key for Acronis imaging software. You get a sticker, if you're into tht sort of thing.

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