Conclusion, Pricing, and Final Thoughts



  • Solidly constructed and proven SSD design
  • Increased performance over prior Vector
  • Reduced cost enabled by use of 19nm flash
  • The Vector's 7mm thickness allows greater mounting flexibility


  • Price (maybe – see below)

Pricing and Availability:

Intro MSRP's sourced from OCZ are as follows:

  • 120GB – $130 ($1.08/GB)
  • 240GB – $240 ($1.00/GB)
  • 480GB – $500 ($1.04/GB)

The intro pricing looks good here, but there is stiff pricing competition from Samsung and others, so we hope to see retail pricing push these numbers lower.


  • 5 years rated at 50GB/day. This may be the highest GB/day rating we've seen on any consumer SSD thus far.

Final Thoughts:

OCZ has kept the Vector line fresh by introducing 19nm Toshiba flash into their top tier consumer product. Performance was not negatively affected by the smaller process, and the 50GB/day throughput rating over a 5-year warranty span shows that both OCZ and Toshiba are highly confident in the 19nm die shrink. I'd say it is a good combination. With most performance figuring leveling out among the SSD competition, what things boil down to more these days is pricing. Intro MSRP looks good, but the viabilitiy of this new Vector 150 will boil down to how low OCZ and retailers can push the cost of this SSD.

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