Desktop and Mobile Software

Desktop Software:

There are several options available depending on what you'd like to accomplish. You can view the software download page directly at this link. Here's a pic for reference:

First we'll take a look at what I consider the main app to be used with the EX4 – WD My Cloud. This is a desktop app that can be installed on your PC or laptop. The app can reach back to the EX4 on your home network even while you are away. This is accomplished by linking via your Western Digital My Cloud login.

You're limited to the confines of this app while away from home, but you can browse the entire EX4 and drag / drop files to and from the EX4 at will. It pops up a copy status screen just as if you were doing these copies from within Windows:

Another piece of software is WD SmartWare. This is a licensed app (10 licenses packaged with the EX4), which enables multiple PCs to backup directly to the EX4, filling the backup gap under Windows. Mac users can simply point Time Machine directly to the related share on the EX4. Here's a look at SmartWare once installed:

As you can see, the software doesn't really discriminate on what goes to where, and is fairly flexible in that regard. Backups can go to connected USB devices, networked My Cloud devices, and even to a users DropBox account, if they so desire.

Mobile Software:

Also available is a My Cloud app for mobile devices such as Android and iOS. Here's a few shots from the iOS solution in action:

The app is fairly comprehensive and caches up to several GB of recently accessed files. The cache enables offline viewing in cases where no cell service is available, which is handy for flights, etc.

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