Well this took entirely too long. Dr. Alan Turing, British Computer Scientist and World War II hero, was officially pardoned for his crime (in 1952) of being homosexual. He suffered chemical injections for his conviction along with very public shame. The pardon comes into effect today, on Christmas Eve.

Despite the common myth, the Apple logo's bite is apparently not a reference to Turing.

Apparently the logo designer said the bite mark was added for scale (else it looks like a cherry).

This was not the first (or even second) attempt at evoking a pardon for Turing. A petition was created in August of 2009 which, while not achieving a pardon, at least acquired an official apology from then Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Brown stated that the persecution Turing endured was "appalling". A second petition was created in December 2011 but was denied by Lord McNally on the grounds that he was legitimately convicted of an offense that was, at the time, criminal.

Turing passed away, famously, in June of 1954 from cyanide poisoning after ingesting an apple.