Final Thoughts and Conclusions

The Power Zone 1000W PSU doesn’t incorporate all of the sophisticated circuit topology of the Dark Power Pro 10 series, which results in a little lower efficiency (Bronze status instead of Platinum) but saves money. However, the Power Zone 1000W uses the same 135mm SilentWings fan, comes with all-modular cables, and is backed by the same 5-year warranty as its big brother. It also supports up to three case cooling fans, which continue to run for a few minutes after system shutdown thanks to the PSU’s COOL*OFF feature.

The overall performance of the Power Zone 1000W was very good across the board. Voltage regulation was excellent, AC ripple and noise suppression was very good and the efficiency easily exceeded the 80Plus Bronze criteria (nearly meeting 80Plus Gold). The large SilentWings fan does an excellent job of cooling the internal components while keeping noise at a minimum.

The Power Zone 1000W power supply normally sells for $189.99 USD, but when I checked the price today, I found it on sale for $139.99. November 2013

• Excellent voltage regulation
• Very quiet operation through mid power levels
• Good efficiency across a broad range of loads (exceeds 80Plus Bronze)
• Single +12V output can deliver up to 83A (996W)
• Six PCI-E connectors (6/8-pin)
• All-modular cabling, fully sleeved
• COOL*OFF feature runs case fans for 3 minutes after system shutdown
• Meets Energy Star 5.2 Guidelines
• Fulfills ErP 2013 Guidelines
• Supports Intel’s Deep Power Down C6 mode
• Active PFC with universal AC input
• 5-Year warranty support

• None noted

Be Quiet! Power Zone 1000W Power Supply

Our thanks to Be Quiet! for sending us the Power Zone 1000W PSU to review.

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