In their latest commentary The Tech Report looks at the nasty way that Win 8.1 renders its GUI on high pixel per inch displays, for instance the majority of high end laptops.  1366×768 panels don't look to bad but if you were to pick up a 13.3" 1920×1080 laptop or for that matter a reasonably sized 4k display you are going to notice blurry text and icons as Win 8.1 is not great at recognizing and scaling for monitors with dense pixels.  Some 3rd party applications are better than others but for the most part you are going to feel like you are starting to lose your sight.  They offer some workarounds that mitigate the issue somewhat, but like proper mouse support this is something the new flavour of Windows really should have gotten right immediately.

"Displays with high pixel densities are pretty much standard in tablets, and we're all waiting for them to become standard in notebooks. Take a trip to your local Best Buy, though, and chances are a majority of systems in the laptop aisle will have 1366×768 panels—even large notebooks that really have no business with a display resolution that low."

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