Compression and Encryption

7-Zip Compression

I decided to replace the WinRAR test with a more repeatable and threaded application – 7-Zip.

AMD A8-7600 Kaveri APU Review - HSA Arrives - Processors 12

Our A8-7600 can't keep up with the Core i3-4330 in terms of compression performance but it does do a good job of beating out the 45 watt Richland APU.

TrueCrypt Encryption

TrueCrypt is one of the most popular pieces of software for disk encryption and it includes a handy benchmark mode to test the capabilities of your processor. Keep in mind that many modern CPUs include AES acceleration which is used throughout TrueCrypt.

AMD has definitely improved cryptography performance in Kaveri as the 45 watt A8-7600 is 29% faster than the 45 watt Richland APU and even 10% faster than the Core i3-4330!

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