Gaming Performance

With the move to higher performance graphics cores on the A8-7600, I was eager to see how well this low cost APU performed compared to both the previous generation and to Intel's Haswell HD 4600 graphics.

3DMark Ice Storm

The Ice Storm test is really built for phone and tablets and as such, all of the desktop configurations have enough of GPU horsepower to push it.  The CPU/physics portion of the test is much more prominent here and gives the Intel Core i3-4330 an edge in the overall score.

3DMark Cloud Gate

Cloud Gate is much more GPU-intensive and we can see right away that the Kaveri A8-7600 graphics, even at 45 watts, is 24% faster than the Core i3-4330.

Bioshock Infinite, Skyrim and Tomb Raider

Bioshock Infinite was totally playable with the A8-7600 at 1080p and Low image quality settings. It was only marginally faster at the 65 watt TDP setting than it was at the 45 watt option.  At the same power consumption level, Kaveri is proving to be more than 20% more efficient in terms of graphics performance (for this game) than Richland and 40% more efficient than Intel's Core i3-4330.

The same is true with Skyrim; the Kaveri-based A8-7600 at 45 watts is 22% faster than the A10-6700T Richland APU and 32% faster than the HD 4600 found in the Core i3-4330.

Tomb Raider shows the same pattern again – the A8-7600 is a great integrated graphics part for mainstream gaming even though it has two fewer GPU compute cores than the flagship A10-7850K.  

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