An interesting development that popped out of CES this year was the announcement of a new brand from Gigabyte, Aorus, focused on gaming peripherals and a gaming notebook.  The gaming notebook was particularly impressive as it was able to pack in a ton of high-end hardware in an ultra-slim design that should rival the likes of MSI and Razer.  

The Aorus X7 weighs in at 6.4 pounds and just 0.9 inches think but is powered by an Intel Haswell 4th Generation processor and a pair of GTX 765M GPUs running in SLI.  Storage options include a pair of mSATA ports for RAID-0 and a 2.5in hard drive (up to 1TB).  

For connectivity the X7 includes USB 3.0 x3, USB 2.0 x2, HDMI, VGA, Ethernet, mini-DisplayPort,  and an SD card reader.  Four SODIMM memory slots allow for upgrades up to 32GB.  For a slim gaming machine and an estimated 3DMark score of P7393, the X7 looks damned enticing. 

The Aorus X7 will be available this month at and should be priced starting at around $1500.

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AORUS X7: Slimmest and Lightest GTX SLI Gaming Laptop on Earth

P7393, a Dominant Score in 3DMark 11

The emerging force of hardcore gaming gears, AORUS, will launch its very first product at CES 2014. Featuring a whole package of advanced elements under its astonishing yet understated outlook, X7 is poised to become the most anticipated gaming laptop in 2014. Backed by a duo of GTX 765M Graphics, X7 is capable of phenomenal performance, on par with other laptops with GTX 780M, while measuring only 0.9 inch & 6.39 lbs.* A total package of sensational performance, unparalleled portability and seamless integration of software and hardware distinguishes X7 from other self-claimed gaming laptops, making it an ultimate gamer-oriented flagship.

Performance Icon in Compact Body: 0.9 inch & 6.39 lbs

X7 boasts its insane thinness and lightweight with 0.9 inch & 6.39 lbs, 1/3 the height & 2/3 the weight of any available top-tier gaming laptop with GTX 780M. An impossible score, P7393 in 3DMark 11, only makes the dream gadget seem unreal. Packing this pair of GTX 765M chips with all cooling kits into such a slim chassis is already difficult, let alone a full arsenal of gamer specific features and exclusive Thermal+ solution to harness the unbelievable power. The full aluminum chassis beautifully incorporates 4 vents, together with 5 thermal Pipes and 2 fans, achieving excellent reliability and stability even after hours of demanding operation. The pair of 512GB mSATA solid state drives along with a 1TB hard drive adds versatility to the performance formula: a gigantic capacity up to 2TB and lightning RAID 0 transmissions by dual SSDs.*(optional)  4 memory slots filled with an ample load of 32GB DDR3L SDRAM eliminates all the obstacles between gamers and the most engaging gaming experience.

Streamline Design Attains Superb Cooling

The signature theme of the stunning chassis emphasizes a style that blends futuristic concepts of vehicles: minimalism and fluidic sculpture. The aerodynamic streamlines connect expanded vents, giving the ultimate gaming flagship a breath of speed. The flowing sculpted lines scents the quality matte black with understated luxury without losing its original aggression. The metallic silver eagle badge and 3 molded ridges symbolizing fierce yet rapid attack from high above. The glass touchpad with fingerprint-proof coating denotes the commander’s clear vision through chaos and turmoil.

Thermal engineering, the heart of the amazing gadget, has been blended invisibly into the appearance of X7. AORUS exclusive Thermal+ technology incorporates 5 thermal Pipes and 2 fans and a total of 4 rear and side vents, optimizing cooling effect air flow efficiency for excellent reliability & stability. The rear arrangement of thermal parts maintains consistent coolness under user’s wrists and minimizes heat distortion even after long hour’s operation. 3 unique modes grant users maximum freedom of access to the fan speed.

Gaming-oriented; Victory-focused

X7 ships a dazzling array of gaming-oriented features tailored to build the most intuitive gaming platform for you. The scissor-switch macro keys, rarely seen on the keyboard laptops, are now a standard for X7. Accompanied by anti-ghosting function, the snappy touch and sharpened accuracy will certainly upgrade gaming command to a new level. Hardcore gamers who demand minimal distraction would find backlit keyboard with adjustable lighting a handy supply during intense gaming.

The anti-glare Full HD display with 8 ms rapid response defeats motion blurs in gaming; 72% NTSC color gamut produces crystal clear images and decent black levels when viewing darker images. AORUS exclusive Acoustic+ audio modes are professionally tuned for accurate channel positioning, creating FPS edges over other gamers. The built-in 7 premium speakers, including 2 subwoofers with amazing bass fidelity, are capable of the most compelling gaming thrill as well as cinematic experience. NVIDIA Surround feasts hardcore gamers with Full HD video output to three monitors for absolutely stunning impact, a must for FPS and race simulation fans.

Relentless Innovation; Endless Evolution

X7 ensures latency-free online gaming with the renowned Killer LAN chip, which achieves excellent packet transmission even under busy network traffic while generic LAN chips manage an average of 14.9% packet loss rate. The X7 supports 802.11ac, the latest wireless standard, guaranteed to bring you drag-free transmission plus enhanced coverage and throughput than the current 802.11n.

X7 Features and Specs:

Thrilling Visual Experience with NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 765M GDDR5 4GB SLI with an impossible score P7393 on 3DMark 11
Insanely Slim & Light: 0.9 in. / 6.39 lbs
Intel® 4th gen. Core™ i7 Haswell Processor
Anti-glare Full HD display with 8ms Response & 72% Color gamut
Anti-Ghost Backlit Keyboard
Versatile storage for up to 512 MB mSATA SSDx2 + 1TB HDD Storage
4 Memory Slots for max. 32GB DDR3
USB 3.0 x3, USB 2.0 x2, HDMI, D-sub, RJ45, Surround port, mini-Display port, SD card reader
Dimension: 428(W) x 305(D) x 22.9(H)mm
Weight: 2.9kg(6.39 lbs)  ( mSATA x 1 + SO-DIMM x 2 + Battery)

* 2.9kg (mSATA SSD x 1 + SO-DIMM DDR3 x 2 + Battery)