CPU Cooler Fit and Included Accessories

CPU Cooler Fit

To test the amount of space surrounding the CPU socket, we mounted the Noctua NH-D14 cooler to the CPU socket. This behemoth CPU air cooler sports a dual fan construction and two huge vertical cooling towers.

When running the unit blowing air towards the rear panel, the is more than enough room along the front, back, and left sides to accommodate the cooler and any installed peripherals. There is even sufficient room for a card in the primary PCI-Express x1 slot without any space concerns.

From the right side view, you can see that there is no space constraints between the cooler and the memory modules, even when using modules with larger heat spreaders installed. The rear heat pipes of the cooler do get close in proximity to the VRM cooler, but there was no contact between either.

The Noctua hold down mechanism illustrates just how much room is provided in the CPU socket area. ECS provided more than enough room for even a larger mount with no clearance issues encountered between the mounts and either the power chokes or the VRM heat sink.

There are no conflicts on the back side of the board because of the lack of components any where near the underside of the CPU socket.

Included Accessories

To keep the board at the desired price point, ECS includes the bare minimum of accessories with the Z87H3-A3X board.

The board comes with a comprehensive manual, an illustrated quick start guide, and an install disk. I was pleasantly surprised by the detail in the motherboard manual given the stripped down nature of the board.

The rear panel shield is a flat black color with all port holes labeled in white lettering for easy identification.

ECS includes two 6Gb/s rated SATA cables for use with the integrated ports. The cables have integrated port locks and straight connectors.

For multi-GPU use, ECS includes a two-way NVIDIA SLI cable only.

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