As a test to the integrity of the documentation, I'm going to perform this mod limiting myself to the required tools stated on page 1 of the included instructions:

Be sure to give yourself some extra room and use something to cushion the LCD as you'll have to lay it face down. You will definitely be sliding it around a bit during the next step.

The hole above is handy for getting things started. You'll need to gap the bezel here with a screwdriver.

With a gap started, the included plastic tool makes short work of getting the panel apart. Work slowly along the bottom *first*, as that's where you are likely to break something until you get used to how to work these particular clasps apart. I found the best method was to insert the tool ~1/4" as pictured above and then simply rotate the end parallel with the table. Leverage is your friend.

With the panel separated we reveal the patient. Everything must be disconnected. Yes, the metal box you see here is only held to the back of the LCD with tape.

Electronics are out, now let's really get to work.

The two PCB's above are removed, and then the LVDS and LCD power cables are removed from the old logic module.

After transferring the cables to the G-Sync module (be sure to read the next page for a correction / clarification on that step), it gets installed in the old shield box.

Replacement plates block off the now unused HDMI / DVI openings. G-Sync only uses DisplayPort.

Cables are re-connected to the G-Sync module, with the exception of the built-in speakers. Real gamers don't use LCD panel audio!

Another look at the new port cover plate with everything buttoned up.

…and these are the parts leftover from the upgrade process.

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